Now that’s what I call a great donor experience

now-thats-what-i-call-a-wedding-1303831188-article-1Last week I made a donation for the first time. I was actually quite excited in the build up to giving. A little nervous too.

I even had a phone call in advance to check I was ready to give and see if I had any questions. And a useful letter to prime me in advance of the impact I would be making and to thank me for my commitment. And a text reminder a few days before.

At the time I gave my donation I met other donors and was thanked again and again by the staff. It was a great experience. Afterwards I could see others arranging a time to make another donation in the future. I got a text the next morning saying thank you. I was donating blood.

It’s the first time I have given blood – and about time too. Prompted by the fact my mum has a blood transfusion a couple of times a month to boost her red blood cells and encouraged by my wife and other friends who have given blood for many years.

What I found fascinating was the whole experience. It was wonderful. You really felt appreciated.

What if giving a donation to charity could capture the same feelings?

The anticipation leading up to it.

The feeling of doing something valuable during and afterwards. With thanks and appreciation all along the way at every touch point.

The reassurance you get that you are making a difference.

The urge to line up an appointment to give again in the future straight after your donation.

I felt part of something alongside fellow donors and amazing NHS staff in the converted school hall where it took place.

So take donating online. What could we do to help provide a bit of anticipation? Other than a thank you at the end in some automated email could you provide thanks and reassurance throughout the whole process? Could you get other donors to share how they feel after giving? What could you do that made it far more than taking the money (or in my case my blood)? It’s not just about the end result – its the journey itself.

The impact whether you are donating blood or donating money is still about making a difference. Surely there must be some lessons we fundraisers could extract?

As I sat and had some refreshments afterwards a nurse watching over me said “We make Super Heroes here”. Just wonderful. Think I’ll be a regular donor for sure.

3 thoughts on “Now that’s what I call a great donor experience

  1. I’ve given blood a few times but never thought about it in that way before – thanks for the new perspective. Last time I gave blood I found out that my blood is particularly good for babies. The nurse showed me the label attached that meant it would be ‘restricted’ – there’s no way I’ll stop giving now!

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