How to market your charity?

image1A question you probably ask is ‘how should we market our charity?’. I now think that a more important question is who should market our charity?

Who? Surely that’s us? The problem with that is it’s just you talking about, well you. That has its limitations. You would say you do great stuff. And you’re probably telling people who already buy into that already.

What’s so much more effective is someone else talking about you. Someone who says these guys are doing great work. For starters that’s more believable. It enhances your reputation. Reputation after all is what other people say about you. Then also you are reaching out to new audiences – not people who follow you but people who follow whoever talks about you.

And of course this could be via other organisations who share your values and beliefs. And if they share your values and beliefs then chances are their followers, or customers or staff, or all of above do too. For smaller or medium sized charities with limited marketing spend this surely is the way forward. In fact it’s probably better.

So spend your limited time and resources on thinking about ‘who’ not ‘how’.

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