The true value of fundraising

Today I got taught a lesson in fundraising by my 10 year old daughter. It reminded me the added value that fundraising can bring that is so easy to forget.

IMG_2590She organised a cake sale for Comic Relief. But it turned out to be so much more than that:

  • She got her friends involved to take part, baking and bringing cakes and cookies of course
  • She created a flyer – itself an exercise in communication – and took it around the neighbourhood
  • With big sister, who helped decorate the cakes she made, she organised the stall outside our front door including a banner

At 3pm the cake stall began. Before it began we had already raised £20 from neighbours who couldn’t make it, and dropped donations by in response to the flyer she had taken around.

School friends came by to help, some bringing cakes. Then their parents followed. We chatted warmly with those that stayed over cups of tea on a cold March afternoon. Neighbours popped by too. It was a really pleasant hour.

IMG_2598By 4:30 pm, ninety minutes later, all the cakes and cookies had been sold and they counted the total (another great exercise having to minus the float). Ninety nine pounds! So my daughter chipped in her weekend pocket money to make it to the hundred. “I’m so happy” she piped. Why? I asked “Because we raised a hundred pounds!” she trumpeted.

My daughters school friends stayed and they played (non-computer) games until it was time for them to return to their homes. Afterwards a neighbour came back to say thanks, something she had been meaning to do for sometime, with a box of chocolates and we talked about the idea of a street party. Another neighbour returned a plastic box we used after leaving cakes on their doorstep. It made us think about organising something in the future to invite people round – perhaps when it’s a bit warmer.

So it wasn’t just £100 raised. For my daughter, I could see, it was an exercise in communicating, organising, motivating others, with a bit of maths thrown in, and of course awareness of what it was all for – and finally that sense of achievement of reaching a milestone. And finally she wrote a brief account and sent it to Comic Relief (which has a really neat function that caters for fundraising events like this where you can just upload what you have done and how much you have raised

It was £100 raised along with strengthening friendship and a bit of community and neighbourly spirit. Priceless. Yet the bottom line will just show £100. We sometimes forget the added value that fundraising can bring.

2 thoughts on “The true value of fundraising

  1. Really lovely blog post, thanks for sharing. Sometimes we lose track of the real reasons why we fundraise and get too caught up in the overall process. Thanks for the reminder!

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