Why say thank you really well

I’m sure many fundraisers place thank yous in the category of ought to be done.

Perhaps some give them higher status on the basis of helping retention, or lining up the next gift.

Actually it goes even further. Here is why.

  1. The ‘new’ marketing is not what you say about your cause (product). It’s what others say about you – and who best to advocate about you but your current donors.
  2. The ‘social capital’ between any individual donor and their network will always be greater than the social capital you have between your cause and their network.
  3. You just don’t know who they know. In this connected world everyone knows ‘someone’.
  4. We all now have the tools (blogs etc),  including donors to your cause,  to communicate to the wider world.
  5. What is the one communication, done well, that will impress your existing supporters? The thank you. Yet what is the one communication so often left untouched year on year? The thank you.

That’s why I started the year with a big smile when I read a blog that someone kindly wrote after receiving a thank you letter SolarAid sent to his son.  I also loved the way he tells how they chose to donate to SolarAid in the first place – they asked their friends on Facebook. And someone kindly recommended SolarAid. It’s like a ripple effect.

So now do you see?

5 thoughts on “Why say thank you really well

  1. As a fundraiser, thanking the people who help you is really necessary. The word may be simple, but it is really valuable. It is one of the best ways how you can let the people know that they are appreciated with what they have done to help others.


    • Thanks for your thought Joelle and I couldn’t agree more. The challenge is to ensure any thank you doesn’t read like a letter (or an email) written many months ago and just sent to everyone who contributes to your cause. It’s a great opportunity to communicate and written well every word will be read. I find a genuine thank you people remember (and better still they might share).


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