Nuture your supporters

My garden is blooming with all this sun which reminded me of this blog I did last year.

ifundraiser blog

The language of marketing often draws on war as a metaphor – we use terms likes tactics and strategy. We “target” customers and donors. Yet it has its limitations and it creates a mindset that I’m not sure is helpful. Already you can see we are striving for new words and phrases to help explain how things are changing.

I would like to propose gardening as a metaphor for the future.

Gardening has no end. There is no finish line. It is about a journey not a destination.

What if you were to think of your supporters as seeds and plants?! You start to think how you would nurture and encourage them rather than target them. Its not about what you can get out of them – its how you can make them grow.

Anyone who is dabbled into gardening knows you need to prepare the ground, compost, mulch etc…

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