The supporter experience just gets better

Me after my longest swim ever

Me after my longest swim ever

I just took part in my first triathlon. That in itself felt amazing (especially as a year ago I didn’t really swim). Of course I raised money for charity – £1287.84 for SolarAid.

Within a few days I got sent the usual choice to buy photos of the day – and it was great to see that one option was to get them all digitally. As you can see (left) I took up the offer.

A few days later I could view a digital replay of the entire event – and see how I fared against the rest of the field as well as view fun graphs and data.

But what has just amazed me this week was an email I received from the organisers inviting me to look at a video of the event. Not just a video of the event. Videos of my event. With a series of well positioned cameras synced with my ‘running’ chip I now can see key moments, previously fuzzy memories in my brain, on my screen.

Click on the photo to see my personal videos

Click on the photo to see my personal videos

So now people can relive their amazing experience. No longer are you left with the finish line photo and a medal that gathers dust. Now to you this video won’t mean much – it’s some guy dragging himself out of the water – but to me that’s a moment not only I will remember but I can look at again and again. Go check it out – just click on the screen grab above.

Why am I so excited? This is a game changer. It will take the event experience we can give supporters to a new level. It certainly raises the bar. Events are back (were they ever away?).  Look around and I can see all sorts of creative events arriving on the scene. The color run has arrived in the UK, Nike have just held a women’s 10k run at night – We own the night, and a few weeks ago 4,000 took part in the Nightrider cycling through London at night.

Combine that sort of creativity with these sort of memories and not only will that experience mean more for those who take part, it’s the sort of content they will share. Mind blowing. I just have to do it again!

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