What would you do? My top 10 for fundraisers.

Many blogs are acknowledging fundraising is in a bit of a crisis. Rising acquisition costs, falling response rates, global economic crisis… bla bla bla.Crisis

So what would you do? With a clean sheet of paper and the power to implement what ever you say, what would you wish for? Within reasonable budget constraints of course – after all you are a fundraiser!

Here are my ten – with links to blog pieces.

1. Get the organisation to set a huge (big hairy audacious) goal (BHAG) – and share it. By setting a goal you will start to think how the hell will you achieve it? You will also engage others to help you achieve it.

2. Shift budget from donor recruitment to supporter experience. I don’t mean a bit – I mean alot. There is huge potential for new donors to come from your existing ones. Not only will it bring in more via your current supporters, it will retain the ones you have. Unless you have money to burn old style broadcast marketing doesn’t work.

3. Put in new measures away from just direct response to measuring people talking about you. It’s a funny thing when you measure something it has a profound impact in influencing what you do (so you do more to improve whatever it is you are measuring). In this new world people talking about you will be key – to their trusted networks they are more believable than you!

4. Practice total fundraising. Treat your entire fundraising and marketing programme as interlinked – so look at the overall ROI from all your fundraising and how it all connects. Think of your fundraising programme as a garden not as a battlefield.

5. Give supporters tools so they become fundraisers on your behalf (and I don’t just mean getting sponsors). Enable them to champion your cause and your mission. In this increasingly connected world you just don’t know where their contacts could lead to.

6. Be open about your problems – problems are engaging and a great way to involve others. We tend to shout about our successes but hide our problems (and our failures). Tell people about your failures too. It’s what makes you authentic!

7. Listen – but not just what people are saying about you – but what they are saying about what interests them. This is how can you engage and be relevant to them so you get their attention (after all it’s their attention you want).

8. Employ passionate staff who inspire others – and encourage them to meet supporters face to face when they can. Help your staff be passionate and above all to be great storytellers.

9. Do fantastic thank yous. Be the cause with 5 star ‘Amazon’ 5 star customer reviews and make sure you handle complaints as opportunities to impress.

That’s what I’d do.

And. No 10?

10. I’d ask others and learn from my peers – constantly seeking new ideas. This is one is for you. What would be the one thing you would do?

2 thoughts on “What would you do? My top 10 for fundraisers.

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