The tulips have arrived

Cherry Blossom

After what feels like a long winter here in the UK, the cherry blossom is out and Spring has finally arrived and Summer is now on its way. To celebrate I thought I’d post a series of blogs this week. Some I wrote months ago but like the delay in Spring they just weren’t ready to share with the world. Blogging is something I do when I feel in the mood.

TulipsThe blog posts are all a bit different – just like the tulips now in bloom in my garden. The tulips do have a fundraising connection as they were bought in the Netherlands on the occasions I attended the International Fundraising Congress. From deep purple to fire red.

So, in recognition of the tulips, each day this week I’ll share a new blog post. From big audacious goals, to keeping calm. And just like the tulips I hope you will enjoy them.

If you do please share.

TulipsThe Fundraising Garden

Which reminds me – have you ever thought of a garden as an analogy to fundraising? Your supporter base needs constant tendering and any preparation you do should stand you in good stead for the future. Here is a post I wrote as Spring was on its way last year >>> Nuture your supporters.

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