There is a better way #fundraising. Thoughts from a year ago. Great to see Oxfam’s latest campaign.

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So I’m going to say what I think and get something off my chest for my first blog of the year. You’re wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Yes you’ll get a better response but does the means justify the ends?

What am I ranting about?

Africa. It’s amazing. People living in poverty are incredible. But look at our fundraising wrappers and the way we market Africa. It is full of pity and guilt, sad music and serious voice overs. Yet everytime I visit Africa I come back inspired, and humbled, by what I see.

No doubt if you find the worse possible scenario and the direst situation you can say the message behind the needy marketing is true. But its portrayed as the norm not the exception. On the occasions I have visited countries in Africa I have come to appreciate how amazing people tackling and living in poverty are…

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