A taste of giving

Today I saw a visual metaphor for what I see as a challenge in fundraising right now.

First I was stopped in the street when someone asked if I would like to taste some spicy food. Now I love spicy food. It turns out he was from Wagamama’s. I was offered a choice of deep fried veg or chicken with two choices of dips. Yum. It was then I walked past two street fundraisers clearly struggling to get people to speak to (it was drizzling).

And so I took a picture. You can see Mr Wagamama has his next person lined up where as the street fundraiser is almost grasping at a passer by. 

Mr Wagamama has a new pundit (in yellow) where as our bright blue street fundraiser is having a hard time

There it is – in today’s world we need to think more like Wagamama.  How do we engage and give people a taste of supporting our cause? How do we give them that feeling of doing something incredible by donating so they come back for more? Otherwise I fear they will just walk on by.


2 thoughts on “A taste of giving

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