The small things matter- alot

A couple of chance remarks led me to write this short post.

My wife started a new job the other week. When I asked her how it was going she made this comment. “They get the small things right”.

Shortly afterwards a colleague mentioned how an ‘average’ thank you letter scored higher in a workshop because someone had taken the trouble to hand signed it.

So it made me think – small things do matter.

And yet perhaps in the rush to hit a deadline, or in focusing on the bigger picture, we miss paying attention to the detail and getting the small things right – that lead to greater things.

It doesn’t take you long to notice how small things influence your own daily choices. I often have an espresso at the start of the day – the places I go back to are the ones that get the small things right. A nice warm cup. A decent froth on the espresso. A smile at the counter.

So have a look at your work and all you do – are you paying enough attention to the small things that might seem insignificant but in reality make a big difference?

Let me know what you come across!

One thought on “The small things matter- alot

  1. Hi Richard – I’d recommend reading ‘The Little Big Things’ by Tom Peters. Basically it is a whole book of ideas and examples of how the small details matter. It is excellent and well worth a look.




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