Be part of the experience

There is a paradigm shift happening.

People want to be involved. They want to be part of something. Think the growing trend in “crowd sourcing” in all its guises.

Yet all too often  the message by us fundraisers is “give us a donation we have the solution”. That’s not very engaging. It’s a bit passive.

How could we change that?

Let me give you an example in a different context. Watch this concert at Wembley Arena. The singers on stage are soldiers raising funds for Help the Heros. But what I found amazing is the audience. Watch it for a few minutes and you will see, and hear, what I mean.

I wish I could have been there. You can sense the amazing experience it must have been. The audience is the show! They are members of Rock Choir – a growing sensation sweeping the UK. Rock Choirs are made up of ordinary people and exist in towns all over the UK. They meet once a week to sing. But they don’t leave it there. They create extraordinary moments like this when they bring different choirs together. From concerts to flash mobs.

What a great concept. I bet its addictive.

And yet too often we invite our supporters and donors to come and watch as observers or hear what we have to say to them.

Flip it round.

Enable them to be part of the experience. Think how can you involve them as ‘participants’ rather than ‘observers’.

It will be far more memorable. It will be something they will share with others. And, as you will gauge from the short video below, it will be extremely satisfying. Take it away Rock Choir & Mr Blue Sky.

4 thoughts on “Be part of the experience

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