Build it and they will come

Have you ever seen the movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner? In the film he builds a baseball pitch in the middle of corn field in Iowa. Everyone thinks he’s crazy but he does it anyway. “Build it and people will come” is the film’s punch line.

Two remarkable things happened to me this week. I can’t tell you about them but I can let you into the insight which led to them happening.

It is simply this.

Treat your supporters and potential supporters as much more than something to extract money from. They have so much more to offer. All you need to do is spark them into action and be ready to listen.

That’s it. Looking back over the last months most of my blog posts are about doing just that. It’s hardly a new revelation either (read Relationship Fundraising).

So here are my three top tips:

1. Can you inspire people about your cause? Find your story so you can.

2. Engage people as, well, people. Don’t try and trick them or play the guilt card – you might beat that response rate but you will miss something soooooo much bigger. Engagement needs a conversation – that’s two way.  So many communications are really one way broadcasts.

3. Make time to meet and speak with supporters and potential supporters.

Have faith

But, and this is where Field of Dreams comes in, you will have to be bold. You will need courage. Because against you will be those who only believe in things that can only be counted (they think that’s all that counts).

So you need to have faith. Like Kevin Costner.

And, believe me, the money will come.

Take it away James Earl Jones …

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2 thoughts on “Build it and they will come

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